Derja translation of 'حَمْلُو المَسْؤُولِيَّة'

حَمْلُو المَسْؤُولِيَّة
he considers him responsible

He considers him responsible for the death of his son and he told him, "You are a failure as a doctor and you don't know medicine." حملُو المسؤولية متع موت ولدو وقالُو إنتي طبيب فاشل وما تعرفش إدّاوي.

he entrusted him with a responsibility

The people granted trust to a person and gave him the responsibility of being president of the republic. الشعب عطى ثيقتو في شخص وحملو مسؤولية رئاسة الجمهورية